At TESOL 2009, Suzanne Bonn and Leah Holck demonstrated how to use Voicethread and embed it in a blog. They showed how people can comment on the slide via written or voice input and they noted that people can also use the mouse to draw on the slide, useful when highlighting a point of interest and especially when talking about some aspect of a map.

Bonn and Holck have posted their powerpoint slides for the demonstration and also an excellent tutorial on setting up and creating your own Voicethread at Bonn's Teaching Resources and Projects, and they invite people to see how they themselves use it in their own blogs: msu-sugiyama0608 and What Makes America Tick?.

Voicethread is an engaging tool for language learners. It can be used at any level (novice, intermediate, advanced) for

  • language practice,
  • asynchronous conversations,
  • presentations and speeches,
  • debates,
  • storytelling,
  • learning reflections,
  • and more.

Free Voicethread accounts only allow for a maximum of three voicethreads at one time, but for those in K-12 settings, Voicethread has free educator accounts that have most of the pro account features. Voicethreads can be made private if need be, and Voicethread itself has their own secure site for educators.

For resources on using Voicethread in Education, check out

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