About the Second Language Writing Interest Section

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Second Language Writing Interest Section (SLW-IS) is to provide a forum for researchers and educators to discuss and exchange information in the area of second language writing. We invite you to join the conversation—contact a SLWIS leader for details.

The goals of the SLW-IS are to

  • increase awareness of the significance of writing in teaching ESOL
  • encourage and support the teaching of writing to ESOL students at all levels
  • provide a forum to discuss issues of writing assessment, testing, and the placement of second language writers
  • disseminate theoretical and practical information about research in the field of second language writing
  • promote further research in the area of second language writing

The TESOL board of directors approved a new interest section on second language writing during the June 2005 board meeting.

Discussion E-List
Visit the SLWIS TESOL Community page to manage your SLWIS status. You can also read past Listserv messages here.

SLWIS Community Leaders 2015-2016

Chair Silvia Pessoaspessoa@cmu.edu
Chair-Elect Ryan Millerrmill129@kent.edu
SecretaryMeredith Brickermeredith.bricker@gmail.com
Steering Committee
2013-2016Sedef Uzuner Smithsedef.smith@lamar.edu
2014-2017Tanita Saenkhumtsaenkhum@utk.edu
2015-2018Hee-Seung Kanghee-seung.kang@case.edu
2015-2018Thomas Mitchellmitchell@andrew.cmu.edu
2015-2018Betsy Gilliland egillila@hawaii.edu
Development OfficerDeborah Crusandeborah.crusan@wright.edu
Historian (retired)Paul Kei Matsuda
Discussion e-List ManagerYoungjoo Yi
External Web ManagerCharles Nelsoncharles.p.nelson@gmail.com
Community MannagerElena Shvidkoelenashvidko@gmail.com
SLWIS Newsletter
Managing EditorIlka Kostkai.kostka@neu.edu
Associate EditorsGena Bennettgenabennett@yahoo.com
Karen Bestkarenb.fields@gmail.com
Adam Clarkatclark2@gmail.com
Helena Hallhelenahall1@gmail.com
Lilian Mina lilian.mina@gmail.com
Peggy Lindseypjmlindsey@gmail.com
Catherine Smith
Book Review EditorSteven Bookmansteven.bookman@gmail.com
Past Chairs
2014-2015Todd Ruecker truecker [at] unm [dot] edu
2013-2014Gena Bennettgenabennett@yahoo.com
2012-2013Lisya Selonilisyaseloni@gmail.com
2011-2012Ditlev LarsenDLarsen@winona.edu
2010-2011Danielle Zawodny Wetzeldfz@andrew.cmu.edu
2009-2010Christine Tardyctardy@depaul.edu
2008-2009Gigi Taylorvgtaylor@email.unc.edu
2007-2008Deborah Crusandeborah.crusan@wright.edu
2006-2007Jessie Moorejmoore28@elon.edu
2005-2006Christina Ortmeier-Hooperchristina.ortmeier@unh.edu