About the Second Language Writing Interest Section

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Second Language Writing Interest Section (SLW-IS) is to provide a forum for researchers and educators to discuss and exchange information in the area of second language writing.

The goals of the SLW-IS are to

  • increase awareness of the significance of writing in teaching ESOL
  • encourage and support the teaching of writing to ESOL students at all levels
  • provide a forum to discuss issues of writing assessment, testing, and the placement of second language writers
  • disseminate theoretical and practical information about research in the field of second language writing
  • promote further research in the area of second language writing

The TESOL board of directors approved a new interest section on second language writing during the June 2005 board meeting.

Discussion E-List
To subscribe to the SLWIS email list, log in to TESOL, go to "My Account", and click on "Update Interest Sections. If you are already an SLWIS subscriber, go to http://community.tesol.org/group.htm?igid=58741.

SLWIS Community Leaders 2013-2014

Todd Ruecker

Siliva Pessoa

Peggy Lindsey

Steering Committee
Lillian Mina (2012–2015)
Ryan Miller (2012–2015)
Tony Silva (2012–2015)
Sedef Uzuner Smith (2013-2016)
Tanita Saenkhum (2014-2017)

Development Officer
Deborah Crusan

Historian (retired)
Paul Kei Matsuda

Discussion e-List Manager
Youngjoo Yi

Web Manager
Charles Nelson

Community Mannager
Elena Shvidko

SLWIS Newsletter

Managing Editor:
Margi Wald

Associate Editors:
Gena Bennett
Karen Best
Helena Hall
Peggy Lindsey
Lilian Mina
Catherine Smith

Book Review Co-Editors:
Steven Bookman
Ilka Kostka

Past Chairs
Gena Bennett
Lisya Seloni (2012-2013)
Ditlev Larsen (2011-2012)
Danielle Zawodny Wetzel (2010-2011)
Christine Tardy (2009-2010)
Gigi Taylor (2008-2009)
Deborah Crusan (2007-2008)
Jessie Moore (2006-2007)
Christina Ortmeier-Hooper (2005-2006)