The 2021 Writing Analytics Spring Virtual Symposium

Virtual 2021 Writing Analytics Spring Virtual Symposium: Incubating Writing Analytics Research in the Time of COVID-19 (free of charge)

Dates: May 18-27


To register,

Symposium sessions will take place each weekday over this period (except for Thursday, May 20). Each of the two daily sessions (and one on Monday 24th) will revolve around a specific research topic that the presenter(s) have introduced on their MS Teams Channel. Their Channel in MS Teams will contain a brief video introducing their research topic, and an extended description of their research project proposal. Thus, it is highly recommended to visit the presenter(s)' Channel before their synchronous discussion.

You will then receive additional instructions on how to engage with the materials presented online, and how to join the scheduled live discussions.

Here is a link to the abstracts of the sessions