Nominations for SLWIS TESOL Positions

There are three open leadership positions for Second Language Writing Interest Section TESOL:

  • Secretary
  • Steering committee member-at-large
  • Chair-elect

If you are a member of TESOL Second Language Writing Interest Section, consider nominating yourself. If you are nominating a colleague, please confirm with them. Send nominations directly to the Immediate Past Chair Silvia Pessoa <> by Friday October October 21. When nominating, please include the position, candidate's name, affiliation, and 150 word bio/vision statement.

Descriptions of positions


  • Serve a two year term (2017, 2018)
  • Prepares the minutes of the Steering Committee and annual business.
  • Submits the minutes to the Chair. .
  • Prepares true copies of the Governing Rules, resolutions, and authorizations of expenditures (when applicable) for transmittal to appropriate persons or files.
  • Prepares for distribution a list of names, addresses, and professional positions of the officers, Section Council Representatives, Steering Committee members-at-large, and committees.
  • Assists the other officers and committees in carrying out their responsibilities and performs such additional duties as assigned by the chair.
  • Serves as a voting ex-officio member of the Steering Committee.

Member-at-Large (1 position)

  • Serve a three year term (2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Attend Steering Committee meeting held Tuesday evening before open of convention
  • Determine policies for the operation of the SLW-IS, including but not limited to conducting long-range planning for the SLW-IS and developing projects and programs as are necessary to achieve the goals of TESOL and the SLW-IS.
  • Support the Chair and Chair-elect in efforts to obtain close liaison with other TESOL groups and other professional organizations having similar concerns.
  • Establish committees as required and give them specific direction and instructions.
  • Appoint the Managing Editor of the Second Language Writing IS newsletter, the Community Manager, and approve any other appointments by the Chair. When applicable, appoint one member from the Steering Committee to serve as a third delegate for the annual IS assembly meeting (if membership is adequate to warrant three representatives).


  • ·Serve a three year term
    • 2017 Chair -Elect
    • 2018 Chair
    • 2019 Immediate Past Chair
  • In the temporary absence of the chair, presides at all meetings of the SLW-IS and the Steering Committee.
  • Prepares, in cooperation with the Chair, SLW-IS's segment within the general TESOL convention program, including the academic session.
  • Generally assists the Chair in carrying out his/her responsibilities and performs other duties as assigned by the Chair.
  • Serves as a voting member of the Steering Committee.
  • Serves as a SLW-IS Delegate to the annual Interest Section Leadership Council.

Here is a link with useful information on serving as an interest section leader: