Journal of Response to Writing

A new journal has been started: Journal of Response to Writing. From the website:

"The Journal of Response to Writing publishes papers based on research, theory, and/or practice that meaningfully contribute to an understanding of how response practices lead to better writing.

JRW has three purposes:

1. Provide a venue for theorizing and reporting ground-breaking research on response to writing

2. Invite writing theorists, researchers, and practitioners to a venue to share their work with one another and  colleagues in adjacent fields, most notably Composition, Applied Linguistics, and Foreign Language teaching viz a viz L1 and L2 writing

3. Provide new or inexperienced teachers with immediate suggestions for use in giving, encouraging, or managing responses to their students’ writing


The first issue is scheduled to be available in January 2015. In the meantime we hope that you will consider submitting a research or teaching manuscript and thereby participate with the journal as an author or reviewer."