CFP: Teaching English Reflectively with Technology

The IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG is planning an edited volume in collaboration with TESOL’s CALL Interest Section: Teaching English Reflectively with Technology.

The volume aims to help teachers enrich their technology-enhanced practice through reflection and research, allowing contributors to share their experiences with colleagues around the world.  Contributions must come from current LT SIG and CALL-IS members (primary members only) and have the following features:

1)     Represent practical uses of recent and emerging technologies or innovative applications of more established ones.

2)     Include an explicit rationale for incorporating the technology tied to language learning goals and objectives, supported with references.

3)     Incorporate thoughtful reflections based on observation and/or collected data regarding what worked, what did not, and why, connected where possible to relevant literature.


Send a 250-300 word proposal by May 1, 2014 to the editors: Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou ( and Phil Hubbard (

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