Great New Writing Resource

There's a great new writing resource hosted by McGraw-Hill (requires free registration): Teaching English: The Instructor's Resource Portal.

One thing I like about it is the teaching topics. I imagine they'll expand this section but right now they have five topics:

  • Plagiarism and using sources
  • Evaluating student work
  • Responding to student papers
  • Peer response
  • Writing with computers

Each of these topics, besides introducing the topic, covers the following:

  • Background of its respective research and theories
  • Instructional strategies
  • FAQ
  • Resources
  • Bibliography

I took a glance at them, and they'll concisely thorough. I'll be going back to look at them more closely.

Another appealing section is the two blogs. Right now there are two: Teaching Composition and Teaching Basic Writing. Teaching Composition focuses on first-year college composition. These blogs already have about 1 1/2 years of archives, as they are taking the place of their former email lists that used to discuss these particular entries.

This site is going to be a staple in my reading. It's worth it.