More Resources on Technology

A good blog to follow on how to use technology is Traci Gardner's NCTE Inbox. In just July and August, she has written on

And Traci covers these tools in detail, making it easy to learn to use them for yourself and in your classes.

A good blog to follow for new software tools is Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day. Every day, she introduces a new tool, sometimes a software application, sometimes a video. And for those interested in learning, the left sidebar has a link to the Top 100 Tools for Learning and another link to 2400+ Tools for Learning, both maintained by her Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. I've been keeping my own page on free software, but it comes nowhere close to 2400+ tools.

Another good resource for learning about Web 2.0 tools is CommonCraft. They have videos explaining blogs, wikis, RSS, and many others.

Finally, (via Digital Writing, Digital Teaching) some NOVA science videos are available free. Go here and click on the Download Videos button to see what's available.