Tinderbox discussion continued

Not really liking the site design from yesterday, I've decided for a lots-of-whitespace-is-better look, at least for now. Items still needing work are the footer, the extra white space under the sidebar, the About and Contact pages, and my RSS feed.

On the footer, Mark Bernstein, Tinderbox's creator, thoughtfully emailed me some ways to keep the year and months on the same line. The simplest method is just to maintain the archive lists myself instead of having them generated automatically by Tinderbox. I'll probably end up doing that way, as it's fairly straightforward and easy, but for someone as absent-minded as myself, I may at times be a month or two behind.

On the extra white space, there should be a way to have the posts lower than the last element in the sidebar to extend to the right margin. Sounds like an "if-then" condition from my one fortran course in 1984. But two decades and several languages later leaves me in a fuzzy, even a non-memory, condition of being unable to write an appropriate "if-then" condition.

At the bottom of my concerns is the lack of proper formatting for the footer on the About and Contact pages. Of a little more concern is my RSS feed: Unlike the Atom feed, the RSS feed doesn't validate, although it does work with NetNewsWire. Perhaps I can fix it after my presenting next week at the New Jersey Writing Alliance Conference and NJTESOL-NBJE Spring Conference

If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate an email.