Like Student Like Teacher

Have you ever complained about a student who either ignored your feedback on their paper, or because they completely deleted that section and replaced it with something new because they didn't understand how to respond to your feedback?

I used to do that. Nowadays, I tend to smile, because I notice more and more that I do the same thing as my students. As I mentioned earlier, I was having trouble getting trackback to work correctly because Haloscan had a limit on the number of characters for a trackback URL. So, in Tinderbox, I switched from the URL to an ID I created for each post to form the basis of the trackback URL, an ID that should have been unique for each post. For some strange reason, I was getting duplicate IDs. Rather than try to figure out how to solve it, I just deleted the ID and went to the date created for each post. Seems to be working. Sometimes, deleting and replacing with something new is a good short-term strategy. And, sometimes, we are more like our students than we realize.