The dumbing down power of tests

The Times Online reports that a study shows that children are becoming less intelligent.

Far from getting cleverer, our 11-year-olds are, in fact, less “intelligent” than their counterparts of 30 years ago. Or so say a team who are among Britain’s most respected education researchers.

After studying 25,000 children across both state and private schools Philip Adey, a professor of education at King’s College London confidently declares: “The intelligence of 11-year-olds has fallen by three years’ worth in the past two decades.”

Apparently, this dumbing down is due to over-testing and under-challenging youngsters:

“By stressing the basics — reading and writing — and testing like crazy you reduce the level of cognitive stimulation. Children have the facts but they are not thinking very well,” says Adey. “And they are not getting hands-on physical experience of the way materials behave.”

I wonder if those in favor of NCLB are reading this report. Even if yes, it wouldn't matter, as research has shown that people disregard facts that contradict their positions.