On my previous blog (Explorations in Learning), I didn’t allow comments for various reasons (see Why I don’t have comments). Yet, as I plan to interact with students and perhaps for others, for now, I’m enabling comments. Whether or not I keep them, we’ll see.

On a side note, although these posts are coming through to my Rapidweaver site, the sidebar information of “recent posts” and “categories” aren’t although if someone wants to make a comment, they’ll be taken to the WordPress site where they can see those items. Perhaps in the future, I may use WordPress alone.

First Post

As I’m considering writing a course called The Digital Writer, it seemed appropriate to install a WordPress blog, as my students will need to use this platform and I will need to have more than just the little familiarity I have with it now.  Rather hazily, I imagine the blog will focus on the theory and practice of maintaining a digital ecology to support one’s writing.

Update: Then, again, I don’t want to limit this blog to that single focus as then I would need to maintain two or more blogs to cover other topics. We’ll see.